Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Experts on emerging science, medicine and nutrition

Highly professional team of experts has over years of experience in the healthcare industry, making it a trusted and reliable source for all your healthcare needs.Science underpins everything we do and it’s safeguarded by Our Scientific Advisory Board who advise on policy and best practice in emerging scientific and medical issues.Bekdorf prides itself on research and innovation with world’s leading manufacturers having inhouse advanced R&D department.


For Our nutritional products range we are working with the UK’s leading manufacturing company and developing advanced research based formulations especially in the area of digestive disorders, fertility, joint ,stress & other major health concerns.


For our natural herbal products we are closely working with India’s leading manufacturer to develop natural solutions for daily wellbeing.We are developing research based formulations from India & UK with the reference of Indian ancient ayurveda scriptures and modern science.Our core philosophy is to strive for evidence based, balanced, moderate levels of nutrients in effective formulas. Bekdorf not only relies on published, peer reviewed data on its nutrient ingredients but also conducts trials on the product formulations themselves. Our team is committed to develop natural & preservative free solutions for daily wellbeing.