Pure Amranthus(Vigor & Vitality),60 Vegan Capsules

Pure Amranthus(Vigor & Vitality),60 Vegan Capsules

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Bekdorf natural’s AMARANTHUS 5X Standardized Nitrate that is an extract of Red spinach (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.), one of the richest sources of nitrate in nature.AMARANTHUS 5X delivers the highest dietary nitrate content (9%) from the leaves of Red spinach, with more than 4 times the amount of nitrate as beetroot powder and more than 50 times beet juice.Red Spinach is also rich with its dietary source of Iron content & Vitamin C.AMARANTHUS 5X supports healthy Blood Circulation,Enhances Body’s Performance,Enhances Sexual Performance,Improves Cardiovascular Functions,Reduces Fatigue.



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Scientifically researched and proven to provide a wide variety of health benefits, Red spinach extract It generates a significant boost in plasma nitrate, ultimately increasing nitric oxide levels in the body for an optimal cardiovascular function, for a better workout experience or makes it a perfect pre or post exercise supplement. Athletes and people with active lifestyles can improve their exercise performance without negative effects, addiction and post-workout ‘crash’ or jitters associated with various stimulants, such as caffeine etc. Especially during hypoxia conditions (oxygen deficiency), such as during a strenuous physical exercise, the supply of nitric oxide in the body provided by AMARANTHUS 5X will contribute reducing fatigue and hence maintain an optimum level of functioning during effort.


Due to the fact that Red spinach extract rich in dietary nitrates contributes to increase the production of nitric oxide, this has an important role in dilatation and relaxation of blood vessels, for enhanced physical performance and power for the muscles. Also, Potassium content in Red spinach will contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system, to normal muscle function and maintenance of normal blood pressure. 


Red spinach is considered as a natural Viagra without side effects. It is also a much better and clinically tested alternative for Shilajit, Maca Powder or even the Korean Ginseng.


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